Manual Lymph Drainage

What are the Benefits of Manual Lymph Drainage?

Over forty years of scientific studies MLD produces three major effects, all of which have been scientifically studied and confirmed:

  • Relieves pain
  • Increases the movement of lymph fluid through the lymph vessels
  • Has a calming effect on the nervous system
  • Helps the body heal more quickly from injuries, surgical trauma and chronic conditions
  • Reduces edema through the lymph vessels
  • Relaxes tight muscles
  • Promotes health of the Lymph system
  • Promotes general relaxation

Indications for Manual Lymph Drainage

  • Sprains, strains, hematomas (bruises), whiplash, arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis and fractures/dislocations,
  • Hay fever, sinusitis, acne/eczema, leg ulcers, burns and recent scars
  • Headaches/migraines, stress reduction,
  • Leg/arm edema, edema of the head, etc.
  • Utilized for pre-surgical preparation, post-surgical swelling/bruising and pre/post cosmetic surgery