For Glenn

"After falling from my roof and breaking my leg, I believe Glenn was able to help speed up my recovery time and help the healing process. I also find, compared to other injuries that I have less aches and pains that can sometimes continue long after recovery."

B. Carter, Kincardine

Glenn has helped me through my battle with cancer. The fatigue was lessened and my appetite increased. He was able to me deal with the side effects of the cancer treatments, chemo and radiation. I am truly grateful for his assistance.

J. Wright, Owen Sound

Said it before and I have to say it again - your work and skill are incredible and I couldn't be more grateful for both our treatments today!!”

C.M., Kitchener

For Lucy

I sought treatment from Lucy as I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed and as if I was spiraling into a depression. Following my first treatment, I felt relaxed, centered and as if my mind was clearer. Lucy far exceeded my expectations, after a treatment with Lucy I feel fantastic for weeks, calm and mentally prepared to face many life challenges. I have not felt this good mentally in many years. Her approach and techniques are unique, she has phenomenal wisdom and experience in both health care and the natural art of healing. I would recommend that everyone seek treatment from Lucy, at all ages. It is an experience like no other, Lucy has a way of easing your stress and she helped to slow down my frantically racing mind to a place where I can think clearly and focus on what really matters in my life. I feel like because of Lucy’s help I am happily getting back to being the me that I want to be! Thank you Lucy!!

J.S., Walkerton

I've had the pleasure of knowing Lucy for a few years now and have had the opportunity to witness Lucy practice nursing with exceptional clinical skills, and have seen Lucy develop her Reiki healing practice. Lucy is a genuine healing practitioner with an exceptional ability to tap into a person's energy and guide their journey into an aligned state. Lucy has a powerful energy and one of the best Reiki practitioner's I have met.

A.A., Brampton

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