Description of Bio Energetic Testing

Bio Energetic testing, the therapy that Glenn provides, stems from another type of treatment known as Radionics, which Dr. Albert Abrams (a native of San Francisco) founded between 1863 and 1924. His theory was that all living things have their own electro-magnetic field, which means that each living thing, including each part of your body and the organisms that may impact it, has its own unique frequency. It is due to this theory that Bio Energetic testing works. Since each frequency is unique, and research has determined the code (frequency) of each part of the body, it is possible to check the frequency of an organ of your body to see if it is functioning normally. For example, if the code for the stomach was 123, and the frequency of your stomach is 124, there is something that is causing your stomach to function abnormally. Since the frequency for many ailments have been mapped to codes, it is also possible to determine the source of the problem. In addition, Bio Energetic testing can go one step further and help your body turn an abnormal frequency back to normal.

Bio Energetic testing works on people of all ages. Clients range in age from young children to senior citizens.

Bio Energetic testing is meant to supplement traditional medicine—not replace it. If Glenn finds a problem area, he can recommend that you see your doctor and request certain tests. Only a doctor can diagnose a problem and recommend treatment. With Bio Energetic testing, you are getting the best of both worlds—the benefits of traditional treatments and the support your body needs to turn abnormal frequencies back to normal.

The Equipment Used

There are basically three parts that are involved in Bio Energetic testing: an electronic board, a sensory touchpad, and a metal rod. The electronic board has many rows of calibrated dials. The values on the dials match codes that have been determined through extensive research. The metal rod, which is attached to the board, is what you hold during your session. The sensory touchpad is like a communication device between the board and the metal rod. Although the board is electronic, the current is so weak that you won’t feel anything through the rod. Some people feel changes in their bodies as the treatment is taking place, while others have fallen asleep during a session because they are so relaxed. Based on symptoms that you describe, Glenn will select a code (turn the dials) on his board, which will send a current at a particular frequency to your body through the rod. Using the touchpad, Glenn will be able to tell if the frequency from the board matches the frequency of a particular part of your body. If there is a match, he will  then turn another series of dials to determine what is affecting that part of your body. If the frequencies do not match, Glenn continues to turn the dials on his board to adjust the frequencies until he finds a match for both the part of the body impacted and the source of the problem.

In general, this process is like tapping a glass (changing its frequency) so that it begins to vibrate. Once you touch it again, the frequency of the glass returns to normal.