I sought treatment from Lucy as I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed and as if I was spiraling into a depression. Following my first treatment, I felt relaxed, centered and as if my mind was clearer. Lucy far exceeded my expectations, after a treatment with Lucy I feel fantastic for weeks, calm and mentally prepared to face many life challenges. I have not felt this good mentally in many years. Her approach and techniques are unique, she has phenomenal wisdom and experience in both health care and the natural art of healing. I would recommend that everyone seek treatment from Lucy, at all ages. It is an experience like no other, Lucy has a way of easing your stress and she helped to slow down my frantically racing mind to a place where I can think clearly and focus on what really matters in my life. I feel like because of Lucy’s help I am happily getting back to being the me that I want to be! 

Thank you Lucy!!                                                                                                            ~ J.S., Walkerton   


Glenn has helped me through my battle with cancer. The fatigue was lessened and my appetite increased. He was able to help me deal with the side effects of the cancer reatments, chemo and radiation.

I am truly grateful for his assistance.                                                                     ~ J, Wright, Owen Sound


After falling from my roof and breaking my leg, I believe Glenn was able to help speed up my recovery time and help the healing process. I also find, compared to other injuries that I have less aches and pains that can sometimes continue long after recovery.                                                        ~ B. Carter, Kincardine


While Glenn has treated me for many things, the most critical areas of concern have been my epilepsy and breast cancer.  I have multiple kinds of epilepsy, and I had two types of breast cancer at the same time.

To my neurologist, I am considered an “odd duck” because of an unusual combination of seizure types, an unidentified origin and trigger for my seizures, and a surprising ability to tell when I am having petit mal (absences) seizures. Since my seizures are not understood, a visit to my neurologist means a change in medication, because there is no other treatment method available.  Glenn, however, has been able to figure out areas of weakness in my body that make my epilepsy worse on certain days. While I am still on medication, the number and severity of seizures is much less with Glenn’s help than without.

As for my breast cancer, Glenn treated the site of the incision after my mastectomy, which prevented infection, enabled me to be pain-free, and sped up the healing process. Every doctor and nurse who has seen my incision has actually described it as beautiful.     

In addition to healing well, Glenn helped to minimize the side effects of the chemotherapy and radiation. He did such a good job that I was able to continue to work at my regular job during the entire treatment process. Being able to work made me feel in control at a time when everything else seemed so out of control. This meant more to me than I can truly describe to someone who has never experienced cancer.  I can honestly say that Glenn’s treatment of something physical probably had its biggest impact on me emotionally, even to this day.

Glenn is special, both as a practitioner and a person. As a practitioner, he takes the little pieces of information that I tell him about my health and figures out how those pieces fit together. He finds the source of my symptoms. Knowing and understanding what is going on inside my body lets him determine where to focus his attention and how to get those areas functioning normally again.

As a person, you would be hard-pressed to find someone as open, honest, and caring as Glenn. He talks and listens to you. You are truly part of your own healing process. I am proud to say that I am one of Glenn’s clients. Using Glenn’s services is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

~Deb from Guelph, Ont
I first visited Glenn at Back to the Future in Health in 2011 while I was going through treatment for breast cancer. When I was enduring chemotherapy, the treaments that I recieved at Back to the Future in Health were my salvation. Glenn provided treatment to help remove the buildup of toxins from my body. Within a few hours of receiving each treatment I could start to feel improvement in my physical condition. Two days following each treatment, I would feel amazing. I have continued to receive treatment at Back to the Future in Health throughout the past year to improve my health following radiation treatments and several surgeries. I cannot imagine what my recovery would have been like without these treatment. Back to the Future in Health will continue to be a huge contributing factor in my healthy future.
~Linda from Straffordville, Ont

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Lucy for a few years now and have had the opportunity to witness Lucy practice nursing with exceptional clinical skills, and have seen Lucy develop her Reiki healing practice. Lucy is a genuine healing practitioner with an exceptional ability to tap into a person’s energy and guide their journey into an aligned state. Lucy has a powerful energy and one of the best Reiki practitioner’s I have met. ~Aleksandra from Ont