The Process

On your first visit, you will be asked to fill out our Essential Health Questionnaire, if one has not already been completed online.

At your appointment time, Glenn will speak with you in his office about the concerns you have and explain the treatment you will receive. During your first visit, Glenn will do an assessment as well as a treatment. This means that your first visit will be an hour and half to two hours in length. Subsequent treatments will be one hour.

For children, the first appointment is an hour long. Subsequent treatments are also an hour.

After speaking with Glenn, you will be guided into one of two rooms where there are reclining chairs and a fair selection of reading material. Also, feel free to bring whatever you would like to pass the time. If it wasn’t for the simple steel rod that you will be holding, you may not even know that you are receiving a treatment. You are able to sit back and relax. It’s not often that you can be so productive (improving your health) without doing anything.

At the end of your appointment, Glenn will speak with you about what was found during the assessment and treatment. You will then visit the receptionist, who will book your next appointment and take payment.

Pricing and Payment

General Prices

  • First time appointment (assessment and treatment) for adults is $70.  For children (12 and under) it is $55.
  • Subsequent one-hour appointments for adults are $50.
  • Subsequent one-hour appointments for children are $45.

Cost Savings

You can receive a discount in the following ways:

  • Book your appointment with a family member, save $5.00 each


Taxes are included in the treatment price, but are extra on products.

Payment Methods

Cash, cheques, debit, etransfer, Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

Missed Appointments

There is no charge for a missed appointment, however, notification of a cancellation in advance is appreciated.

Medical Coverage

The government considers BioEnergetic Testing to be experimental in nature and, as such, does not cover the cost associated with it under OHIP. While tax receipts are available upon request, insurance companies may not recognize and reimburse you for your sessions here.

Frequency of Visits

There is no standard answer. Some notice a difference right away and others require several sessions. The significance  is not how long it will take, but that you will, in fact, notice a difference.

Wait Times

You help to control wait times. If the appointment begins promptly at the scheduled time, we can keep wait times stay to a minimum.